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Vocational Rehabilitation Services and Assessments Pertaining to Employability.
At a time when when we need to give back to our veterans that have served us so well, it is important for us to focus on total disability and individual employability for those that need our help.

"I was referred to Teresa by another Licensed Vocational Expert (LVE). When I called, I knew instantly that her service was the one that I needed to use. I was looking for an LVE for my TDIU VA claim. I followed her advice and did appropriate leg work for my claim.  She thoroughly reviewed my records and let me know that I needed more documentation. Once this was complete, a Zoom call interview was done. When all was said and done, the report was complete and I was extremely satisfied with the finished product! My special thanks to Teresa's office for my LVE report." — Mason

"I reached out to Teresa for assistance. Knowing I am a veteran, she put me in contact with employment services just for veterans.  She also gave me the name of someone who would eventually create my Linked In profile and build my resume. Both were things I had no experience with or knew how to do. She also provided the contact information for someone who offered to do mock interviews with me. Throughout this entire process, Teresa has been friendly, helpful, and professional. I'd definitely recommend her to someone looking for a career/job change." — Tim

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