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​About LM Career Consultants
Serving our country's veterans.

​Teresa McClain is a counselor/consultant with over 16 years of experience as a career/vocational specialist.

Teresa established LM Career Consultants in 2000 to offer vocational rehabilitation services to workers injured on the job, veterans and others facing a career change.
Teresa's experience includes:

  • Performing vocational evaluations and case management services for over

  • 1,000 military veterans.

  • Delivering credible expert testimony in over 2,500 SSA cases.

  • Working collaboratively with other agencies to provide vocational rehab and​ career placement services to over 1,300 disabled persons.

Our contract responsibilities include: 

  • providing assessments

  • job placement

  • labor market surveys

  • case management

Agencies for which our company has served currently or in the past: 

  • VA Vocational Rehabilitation (over 11 years)

  • Wisconsin Vocational Rehabilitation (3 years)

  • Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation (4 years)

  • The Office of Workers’ Compensation, The U.S. Dept. of Labor (15 years)

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