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LM Career Consultants has expansive industry expertise and wants to
partner with you in assisting veterans. We can do this by
• Providing accurate and comprehensive Vocational Assessments pertaining
to employability, which can be used to assist veterans in getting their
service-connected disabilities increased
• Providing testing to demonstrate how anxiety and depression from
mental impairments and pain and fatigue from physical impairments
impacts job performance and disability status
• Providing remote video testing and interviews with veterans

Free Disability Screenings

Free total disability (Individual Unemployability) screenings are provided by LM Career Consultants. If veterans want to use their report to provide support for demonstrating service-connected disabilities, the report can be purchased. If the report does not support an increase in their service-connected disability rating to 100% (TDIU), the service is free of charge. The reports with testing are considered new evidence and can be used to assist veterans to obtain a 100% service-connected disability rating (Individual Unemployability). Many veterans will be able to return to work and can get the right help, while others will need assistance in obtaining a 100% service-connected disability rating (TDIU). These veterans can then receive the additional proper guidance needed through LM Career Consultants.

LM Career Consultants has expansive industry expertise and utilizes it to provide vocational counseling, career services, job placement, forensic testimony, coaching, case management and other vocational consulting services to a wide variety of private and public sector clients and customers.
Attorneys (both petitioner and respondent) depend on LM Career Consultants when seeking objective determinations pertaining to residual employment potential and expert testimony in Workers’ Compensation cases. Simply put, our trusted process enables positive litigation outcomes. Services include:

  • V ocational Evaluations & Assessments

  • Labor Market Surveys & Research

  • Objective Consultation & Review of Casework by Other Vocational Experts 

  • Structured Job Search Assistance

  • Expert Testimony

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